Grandma Judy's Masks

From the Sew'n Sew

Staying active and being creative

On this day 63 years ago, my parents were married at the Goldman Hotel in West Orange, New Jersey. Today we launch this web site to raise money to support people who have been hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic. My mom has always been hard working and a good student, mastering the French language, going back to school to get a masters degree at the age of 44, and she has been a prolific quilter for over 30 years. This mask project has been a rigorous, but fun project for Grandma Judy. It combined many of the previous skills that she has developed over her 83 years. My dad was always creating, fixing and making things. He would be very happy for my mom and excited to see the finished product and I'm sure he would say,

"It's ready, let's ship it."